Who else here is also terrible with eyeliners (be it pencil, crayon or the ugh-so-hard-to-get-right liquid liners)? I know I am, Bella and eyeliners just don’t go. I’m so bad at lining my own eyes, my friends actually told me I look better without eyeliner, tragic…

Well, lucky for me, Browhaus got me covered with Eye Define! Eye Define is basically a semi-permanent eyeliner solution, for those who want perfectly lined eyes ALL THE TIME, sans the daily struggle of applying standard eyeliners. It lasts up to 3 years (depending on individual) and gently fades over time. Here are some quick facts about Eye Define:

  • 100% vegetable dyes
  • Safe, eco-friendly, non-allergenic
  • Short downtime (3 – 7 days)
  • Lasts up to 3 years
  • Uses a top-grade anaesthetic
  • BROWHAUS specialists must have at least 2 years of experience before they are able to perform Eye Define. In addition, they have to go through a 10-week training programme with a monthly review and annual certification (rest-assured, you’re in good hands!)

There are 2 kinds of Eye Define, you could either go for, the regular Eye Define (thinner, more natural line) that I opted for, or the Big Eye Eye Define (slightly thicker line in the middle, more dramatic). Since I wanted something more natural for daily wear, something to enhance my almost non-existent lash line, I opted for the regular Eye Define. I was then told I can still thicken the line during the touch-up session should I want to.


Big Eye Eye Define


The entire process took roughly an hour with quite a portion of the time dedicated to the consultation/ assessment of your eyes and getting to know what look you want to achieve from Eye Define.

Firstly, a lady took me through the entire process so I know what to expect during the procedure, and checking to make sure I do not have any pre-existing medical condition(s) that would adversely affect the procedure. Browhaus takes thorough care and precaution in the initial assessment, which I really appreciate. I have to admit I was pretty apprehensive and worried things might go wrong since this has to do with my eye afterall! Thoughts like – Will it be painful? Will it fade to a horrid bluish or greenish hue like a brow job gone wrong? Or worse still, will the needle get into my eye and will I go blind? – were constantly on my mind. Yes, I can be quite a worrywart at times… However, Browhaus was where I first got my brows tweezed when I was a teen and they are definitely a reputable veteran in the brow/ eye grooming industry. That, coupled with the fact that I could always count on them for on fleek arches definitely helped eased my nerves.

Next up, I was taken to my Browhaus specialist, Charlene. She first asked me what kind of look I was going for, whether I wanted a natural line, a thicker more obvious line, whether I wanted it winged and etc. I then told her I wanted something natural yet something that gives off the illusion of fuller, darker lash line (think Kardashians). Charlene then drew on a temporary line with a normal liner based on my preference and my natural eye shape/ width. This is the point where you can tweak the line that you want, so make all the changes you need before the actual process begins! Charlene was very patient with me on this as she knows everyone has their own preference as to how they like to line their eyes right? What more this will be with you for a good up to a good 3 years!

Here’s one last look at my naked eyes!

File 11-8-16, 8 46 59 PM-min

After making sure I am happy with the line, Charlene applied a numbing cream along my lash line (they are not messing around when they say this is a top-grade anaesthetic because this is mad effective, for me that is). She then covered my eye area with a cling wrap for 20 minutes to numb the area before the actual process starts.

Now, the exciting part begins! Charlene carefully removed the numbing cream from my lash line and started etching the dye back and forth along the lash line with a device. Believe it or not,

I felt no pain at all, at all.

However, I was told this depends on individual as well. Some people experienced a little pain and discomfort from it and some don’t. Definitely consider myself lucky since on a scale of 1 to 10, I would probably have to give it a 0 for pain experienced. Throughout the entire process, Charlene constantly reassured me that there was nothing to be afraid of and that all I have to do is to remain still and relax. She had such steady hands, L, who accompanied me throughout the entire procedure even said that she could easily be a tattoo artist if she wants to (lol). The etching process only took a mere 15 minutes. I was so amazed by the end result, I couldn’t stop saying “oh my god”. If you are thinking of getting Eye Define after reading this post, I would definitely recommend asking for Charlene (Paragon branch), tried and tested by yours truly.

Here’s a close-up of my eyes, before and after:




Still find it amazing how a subtle line like that makes my peepers look more alive.


At the end of the session, I was given 2 after-care products , Build + Fix, to help with the healing process. Build ($37.45) is essentially a serum that repairs and regenerates skin cells whilst Fix ($40.66) is an anti-scarring balm that contains Vitamin A, D and Lanolin to help heal wounds.

I was told to use cold water for facial cleansing 24 hours after the treatment, avoid rubbing the eyes or wearing eye makeup for the first week and to use a cold spread or towel on the treated area should there be any swelling. However, I did not experience much swelling the next couple of days either, was really glad I could go out as per normal.

Here’s how they look on Day 2 (no eye makeup on):

I am a sceptic by nature but I can honestly say that this is a good stuff worth trying and also a great “investment” for a fuss-free solution to your winging woes. It’s been almost 3 weeks since the procedure and

I am still loving every bit of it!

People around me even commented saying how natural it looks and etc. Despite it being natural-looking, can I just say I was rather surprised I could even wear dark lippies with ZERO eye makeup??

Here’s how they look after a week:

Can’t thank Browhaus enough for this life-changing procedure (‘: My only regret is perhaps not getting to know about this earlier. Think about all the time wasted and how I could have slept in a little longer all these years…

Still contemplating whether or not to get your eyes done? Here’s a little something to tempt you further!

Quote “ISABELLA” to get Eye Define at $680 nett (for both Upper and Lower Eyeline Combo, with aftercare Build + Fix) at the Paragon outlet.


You could purchase Eye Define at $450 (for Upper Eyeline only) via the e-store:


P.S. Browhaus also has another ongoing promotion that with every $680/- nett spent on Eye Define, you get a cute Eye Bag clutch like this!

In case you guys are wondering how Eye Define on the Lower Eyeline will look, here are some reviews from others who have done both Upper and Lower Eyeline, for your reference:

Bella x

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