Last year around this time, it was I who had that Hogwarts-like attire on and this year it is finally me other half’s turn. Never quite understood the hype of graduation ceremonies because they have always been just “formality occasions” to me, but this one was different. I sure felt like a proud mama hearing your name being called, witnessing you go on stage.

Picked up some lovely blossoms from a quaint floral boutique named One Olive for my muse too. Who says boys do not dig flowers? Sometimes they just feign nonchalance because it is the most ‘manly’ thing to do (which is kinda cute actually, hah).

Just wanted to say how excited I am for what the future has in store for you. This past year has been a roller coaster ride but i am so proud of what you have accomplished thus far.

Congrats also on The Market Folks, for achieving your dream of being your own boss. Every ounce of my petite being believe that you will do a brilliant job with TMF and bring it to greater heights. To those in need of marketing solutions, you know who to call! (;


Bella x
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