Have you had that one hairstylist whom you’ve been going to almost all your life, leave for another country? That happened to me just last year and it got me tweeting about how my life was over in caps (such a drama queen I know, making a big hoo-ha out of everything). Well, in my defence, I’ve got major trust issues especially when it comes to my hair you see.

I then went on a hunt for another hairstylist and that was when I realised my life wasn’t “over”, it has only just begun. I’ve never told any hairdresser the 3 words “I trust you” (not even my previous hairdresser) until I met this lady. She used to be stationed at the widely acclaimed Kizuki + LIM, situated at the Raffles Hotel Shopping Arcade, but has recently moved to pact + LIM at Orchard Central. Both Kizuki and pact are sister companies, under the Japanese group of salons, LIM – which is essentially the acronym of ‘Less Is More’ (I was pretty mind-blown when I found out about that actually, lol). The difference? pact + LIM is situated within PACT, a new concept store where you will find a restaurant/ bar, a nail salon, a hair salon as well as a fashion/ lifestyle store all housed under one roof (pretty neat huh?). Besides, the salon is stunning; look beyond the glasshouse-looking structure and you’ll find a minimalistic themed salon, overlooking the inner lanes of Orchard Road. Major plus!

Credits: pact + LIM and Herworldplus

My hair saviour aka Satomi is such a sweetheart; you know Japanese, they are so on point with their customer service. Find it a hassel to watch over your belongings while getting your hair done? Fret not because the hairdressers here usually ask if you’d like them to safe-keep your belongings for you before ushering you to your seat – where they will then layer a blanket over your lap to keep you warm (how thoughtful!).

You don’t have to worry about there being a language barrier as well because they all speak English. As for Satomi, she even makes it a point to get acquainted with her customers and to build a relationship with them. What I really love about Satomi is that she bothers explaining to you about your hair, from the texture of it, right down to how you should style it (yes, she took the courtesy of giving me a tutorial on how to curl my stubborn hair, in not just one way but a few ways). She has also been in the business for several years now, having been groomed by the company itself, you know you’re in good hands. She did Lucas’ hair as well btw!

Be sure to make an appointment with her before popping by though, the number’s (+65) 68844143.

Bella x

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