Look who arrived in the mail today! Meet Skye, my idea of the perfect ankle boots. I absolutely adore Miista shoes; they are so quirky and bold without looking way over the top (exactly how I like my shoes!). Every pair is carefully crafted by hand and more importantly, they don’t weigh a ton. I opted for a more conservative pair this time round so do check out or for wackier designs like these:

P.s. Did an interview with the lovely folks at Miista earlier this year. Read up on it here!

While unravelling the box of goodness, I thought to myself, why not share with my fellow petite girls a few tips on finding the perfect pair of ankle boots? Being 5 feet tall is tough, it’s tougher when boots take away so much of your leg length (there isn’t even much to begin with.. sigh). Therefore, I’ve put together a few things that I personally look for when purchasing a pair of booties. Hopefully this will be of some help to all you bite-sized girls out there, go #teampetite!

1. Leather Matters
You can’t go wrong with leather. It’s timeless and it ages beautifully. Yes, it may cost a tad more but trust me, invest in a quality pair because good shoes really take you to places. If you’re not the most hardworking when it comes to taking care of your shoes (like yours truly), choose one that’s low-maintenance. Skye is part of Miista’s A/W14 collection and I thought it was really witty of Miista to incorporate rubberised soles and heels in anticipation of the wetter days ahead. Goodbye weather woes, ttyn!

2. Elevation, Elevation, Elevation
We all need that extra boost of height because “high heels brings us closer to heaven” says Tumblr. Elevation is vital for us petite ladies but in this case, less can in fact be more. You may want to go easy on the height of those boots because if the heels are too high, the boots may end up looking disproportionate to our petite frames. Besides, I’m sure your feet would thank you for that.

3. Boot Shaft
Here comes the most crucial part – Boot shaft height. For those who are unfamiliar with this term, it refers to the length measured from the sole of the boot to the top of the boot, in other words, the part that wraps around the ankle. Ankle boots are perhaps the easiest for us to pull off considering the boot shaft only goes up to the ankles. Personally, I would steer clear of any boot that covers more than 1/3 of my shin. You also do not want the top of the shaft to “cut into your flesh”, if you know what I mean.

4. Pointed Tip
Once again, it’s all about creating an illusion of longer, slimmer legs and boots tapered at the tip will do the trick. If we can’t be on pointe all the time, wear pointy things.

Bella x


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