It’s almost 7am here on this sunny island and here I am penning down some random thoughts since I’m having difficulty finding the sweet spot to fall asleep in anyway. I know it’s been long, way too long since my last post but the past couple of months for me, have been stuffed with many new beginnings and frankly, it is not easy to keep up with writing (especially since I’ve decided to take on Luc’s very attractive offer to join The Market Folks full-time), so kudos to all the veterans who have been doing this for years. With that said, my apologies to those who have been revisiting this space ): & thank you for coming back x

Recollecting on how the past year panned out, a lot has happened. I don’t even remember most of it but there were some very personal matters that only a handful came to know about. To cut a long story short, it has nothing to do with the two main subjects of this but everything to do with the peripheral characters. The incidents (note the ‘s’) left me feeling thoroughly maligned through it all but I didn’t get the chance to say my two cents worth at that time because these peripheral people aren’t exactly mere spectators – they were more and I refused to raise my discontentment with them, to them, in fear my reckless behaviour will in turn impact my future with L. Now that things have taken a slight turn for the better on one side and a decision has been made to detach ourselves from a couple of toxic people in our lives, I realised there’s still a lack of closure and this post will undeniably take me that much closer to finding it.

The sad truth is, many a time, it is those who only know you by your first and last name who, ironically, have the most to say. Yes, we may have played boardgames, had a drink or two before but if you think you know me or the situation well enough to scrutinise and comment on it, you’re in way over your head. People say trust those close to you but maybe you should think twice if that certain someone is screwed or fogged by his/her past dysfunctional relationship to see that not every relationship is the same. There is one thing I loathe more than those pesky lizards lurking in my bathroom and that is self-righteous people. To top it all, thank you for being so factitious.

Okay, I’m sure many of you are clueless as to what the whole chunk of grievance above is about so I’m not going to dwell on this any further. I’m just glad the storm has passed and if anything, we only came out stronger.

Coming from a very typical conservative Asian family, I don’t wear my heart on my sleeve, I’m no good with expressing what my heart feels and I constantly battle my ego whenever squabbles arise between us, on whether or not I should be the first one to raise my flag (which almost never happens, shame on me…) but thank you L for being ever so understanding. You’re my best friend, my favourite fellow co-worker, my childhood dream come true and so much more.

On a lighter note, we’re going to Italy in July to celebrate my folks’ 25th anniversary over pizza and gelato! Any recommendations? x


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