So you’ve heard, the most anticipated collaboration of 2014, aka the Alexander wang x h&m collection, was a complete sellout all around the world. Yes, Luc and I happen to be one of those ‘vagabonds’ camping overnight that day, for a good 20 hours to be exact, prior to the launch. Felt like the object of fascination at Ion Orchard that day. Think we’ve gotten our pictures taken like what? 50 times? I’m crossing my fingers you guys didn’t see me in any of those pictures posted on the various social media platforms though. It has become almost like a reflex that we put our heads down whenever our heightened senses pick up someone taking pictures of the queue.

My companion for that day:

Alexa Chung

I’ve been wanting to get my hands on this book for quite some time now because it’s Alexa Chung. Do I really need a reason? (I’ll do a separate post on everyone’s favourite British style icon next time. For now, A Wang.) Besides the book, my mum decided to surprise us after work to hand us some fuel (I’m talking about Ginseng tea) to last the night. How adorable is that?

H&m was home to several fashion victims that very day, some veterans even brought foldable tents and had started literally camping there 2 nights before (swot up guys!) When the doors opened, I thought the scene felt immensely familiar. Then I realised what that was, it was the exact replica of the sample sale scene in Confessions of A Shopaholic, except everyone looked less kempt? Even witnessed 2 girls fighting over the ‘Wang’ short scuba top right before my very eyes. It was as if Mr Alexander knew this was gonna happen so he used the hardy scuba material for this collection instead.

Lucky us though, we managed to snag all but one item on our wish-list. We came out a victor within a sea of disappointed hopefuls with 4 bags of clothes the next morning. Yes, the situation at Ion was horrid. There were hundreds in line but only the first 20 were able to get what they wanted since we were told that H&M did not cater for any replenishments. According to the staff, H&M wanted to keep the collection exclusive hence the small quantity. Can you imagine NOW, how it was like? Those who went to the flagship store at Orchard Building, good for you! What you guys went through was only a mere fraction of the blood-spilled battle at Ion. Here are some of my hard-earned loots:

Wanted to get the very pretty outerwears as well, especially the biker jacket in wool blend but unfortunately they did not have the full collection in store. In an attempt to lift my spirits, I went to get a pretzel thereafter and reminded myself that I’ve got to save up for my trip to Korea next week anyway.

Was it worth it? Hell yes. Will I do that again? I’ll think about it. Now with sleeping on the floor of ion orchard off my bucket-list, I don’t know if I’m willing to put myself through that agony again. After all, my butt is still suffering from the effects of sitting on the hard ground all day. No more cat fights and cat naps for me, I’m done being a cat. Woof.

P.s. Much apologies for the pixelated pictures, bear with me till I invest in a new camera pretty please? <3

Bella x

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  1. Charmaine at 11:46 pm

    Hi there! May I know which size are you wearing for the T-shirt dress? I am thinking of getting it online but not sure about the size :(

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